Mothers Day


Everybody's mom is special, and I think that's why Mothers Day is so important in our culture.  As a mom and a daughter, I always gave and received something botanical for Mothers Day, and that's what I hope you'll do. Our flowers for the big day include parrot tulips, fringed tulips,  peonies (of course) and spirea. At the farm, we have delphinium, foxglove, loads of loads of pink and purple sweet peas, sweet William, sunflowers, ornamental kale and poppies. We're putting this all together with sweet smelling, textured foliage. Come see us and pick out your favorite bouquet, or call us and we'll deliver.  

French Box

Flowers and Pie

The French box is a cardboard box with a vase inside. It is a frilly arrangement of seasonal blooms spilling out of the box with a French postcard decorating the front. Yes, it's unique, but amazing. $70


Want to give your mom something that lasts a little longer, but you want to give her flowers too? This might be the answer. We put a fern and a rex begonia in a really nice container that can be reused. Then we water tube a special flower and put that in there too. We can even add a giant air plant to round out the gift.

Small $50

Medium $65

Large $80 with a large air plant 

An Orchid!

For the elegant mom! An orchid! An extremely tall orchid with gold fans to match the gold striped vase.  $80

Herbs in a Mossy French Pot

Sensual herbs in a Mossy pot. Herbs are lavender, variegated sage, and chocolate mint.  I would love to get these for Mothers Day, and I bet your mom would too! $15 per pot

Give your mom exactly what she wants, flowers and pie. It's a signature bouquet from us, wrapped in burlap from the chocolate shop, and either chocolate chess or lemon-raspberry chess, 5" mini pies. The bouquets contain seasonal flowers like peonies, rhododendron, tulips, ranunculus, and mountain mint. We may have to substitute flowers if we run out, but they will always be commensurate in value to the picture. This is a wrapped bouquet and does not come in a vase.

$65 Choose your pie! 

Frenchy Vase Arrangement

Our vase arrangements are custom -made with you in mind. If you're ordering online, let us know what kind of flowers she likes. We can't do as much personalization for Mothers Day as we do normally, but we will give it our best shot. You can see an example of a vase arrangement to the left. All arrangements are designed with the flowers we have on hand, and we do not promise to make anything to match the picture.

Farm Babe Bouquet

We put this bouquet in a vase, and then wrap it with burlap and tie it with a bow. This is the look you will get, but the flowers will be spring flowers like rhododendron, tulips and peonies.

Hanging Baskets

Lush hanging baskets with trailing petunias and silvery foliage.  These baskets are great for your porch. They are different in color, so please state your preference in the notes section.  $40 per

Local Artist Mothers Day Card

                 Quilted Thread Card

Each card is quilted by a local artist and is beautifully unique.  $10

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