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A Real Wedding: Anna and Richard

Nichola Harger, Photographer

Anna and Richard were a couple that put tremendous thought and creativity into their wedding decor, and as a result, it was a wedding we will always remember. Richard was raised as a child in Paris as his father was the minister for the American Cathedral there. Anna studied French throughout high school and then minored in the subject in college and spent a semester in Paris, according to her, mastering the language! Living lives as francophiles in the U.S., they wanted their wedding to mimic their experiences with French culture even if they weren't going to marry there. Their next favorite place was Asheville, so that's where we traveled to do their French inspired wedding. I'll admit that I love it too.

We were so excited because we got to use all our French inspired rentals!! What made this wedding unique was the personalization and the creativity with which Anna and Richard developed it. We added French touches everywhere, but for the dinner, we wanted to create a garden style tablescape reminiscent of natural French themes. We had bowls of lemons and tiny lemon cypress trees along with the flowers, of course. This went with the purple taper candles that we absolutely loved.

Richard and Anna had French posters placed around the venue and the French words la vie est belle in neon, meaning "Life is beautiful." Life was beautiful that night!

What was eaten on these lovely tables? That was one thing that made this wedding unique. It was seven courses with wine pairings that were determined with a wine tasting with an Asheville sommelier who talked between each course about the wine! It was a French inspired menu with candlelight and wine and a time everyone will remember. The guests never experienced a night so magical with family and friends.

The Ceremony

I know. I went backwards. The ceremony was gorgeous too. They warmed the rings. Have you ever heard of it? The rings are passed around the ceremony site and everyone holds the rings and a wish for the couple in their hearts. Among the readings, was the Supreme Court's ruling on the freedom to marry as well as romantic poetry about commitment, all carried out by friends and family. Both families are made up of ministers, and they all married the couple. For the flowers, we put every one of our favorite flowers in Anna's bouquet: lilacs, spirea, peonies, foxglove. She wanted something big to go with her designer gown with bell sleeves. She was stunning.

The bridesmaids all wore white-a brilliant choice to go with my florals. Probably not her intention, but nevertheless!

Anna and Richard, la vie est belle!

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