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Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Now, that Sage is running the shop, I can actually devote myself to growing our store flowers, which is really what I love. Given this new scenario, I thought I would show you some snippets of the farm and tell you about it. We have a big red barn, and nothing is in it except the chickens. They are on the side of the barn. They’re not really the friendliest chickens even though we raised them from chicks. The rooster, especially, is untrustworthy and sly. They all, however, produce great eggs to eat and chicken poop to fertilize my beds in my new no till farming method. About that at a later time. The picture is more about the sunset, so I’ll photograph the barn again another time.


We grew heirloom pumpkins, and I think they’re called Big Cheese. I already harvested a smaller one, but it started rotting. Did you know that you can spray WD 40 on them to preserve them. I’m going to try it. We’re going to use them to create some great pumpkin topiaries with dried hydrangea and bittersweet vine. #pumpkins


They’re bad, and they ate all my roses and dahlias, so we had to put up an electric fence. It cost us a fortune, and I think they still got in last night and munched on roses. I can’t show you pictures of the fence because it’s ugly, so here are some berries in a sunset color.

Flower CSA

So, of course we grow flowers for the store, and next year, we’re doing a flower CSA. You can come by the store and pick up a lovely bouquet each week, picked especially for you that very morning. In the spring, we’ll have delphinium, hummingbird poppies, ranunculus, anemones, daffodils, blooming branches, and campanula in white and blue. Then comes summer with lisianthus, sunflowers, rudbeckia, nicotiana, tuberose, and cupcake zinnias. Finally, the clincher, dahlias in all their glory paired with autumn berries and gomphrena. Flowers tell us that spring is arriving when we absolutely cannot wait another minute to feel the warmth on our shoulders. They take us through the heat of Atlanta summers by showing us their beauty in bold, bright colors. Finally, when we can’t stand the heat another minute, a cool night comes along and so do the dahlias. We’ll let you know more about the CSA and the sign up! In the meantime, thanks for reading about our farm and flowers. Call the store and order you something for fall. Maybe a wreath? The bittersweet vine is arriving this week.

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