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At French Market Flowers, we promote a fluid, organic style in our wedding arrangements and bouquets.  Because we grow many of our flowers, we are able to offer quality, freshness, and originality. Peonies and poppies are beautiful together, but poppies don't ship well, so most suppliers can't provide them to florists. We also grow tweedia, the most adorable little blue flower. There are many more specialty flowers, like sweet peas, scented geranium, and viburnum berries that dress our unique bouquets. And don't forget your flower crowns!

Because we're an organic flower farm, offering locally grown flowers, we truly offer an eco-friendly wedding.  We especially enjoy working with brides who wish to personalize their special day with flowers grown for their color scheme.


Please know that we are able to work with you to create the wedding of your dreams, no matter your price point. Contact us, and we'll send you our price list. Then we can chat over coffee and create your dream wedding together.

For all wedding inquiries please email us at

Special thanks to the amazingly talented photographers at  Michelle Scott Photography,  Stacey Bode Photography, Simply Sarah Photography Over Here Photography and Photosynthesis Studio for sharing these pictures of our arrangements with us.

       At French Market Flowers, we offer three special options for your big day...



Tier 1 - Full Service Florist

With this option, we are with you every step of the way, from planning to preparation to set up and clean up.  We worry about the details so you don't have to add to your stress.  We begin with a face-to-face meeting in our shop, if convenient for you, where we listen to your vision for your wedding and begin the process of making it happen.  There you can also see all the items we have for rental, such as candles, arches, lanterns, etc.  Then, through as many e-mails, phone calls, or additional meetings as it takes we will come up with a design for your wedding that you will absolutely fall in love with.  On your wedding day we will come to your venue with your personal flowers, install your ceremony and reception arrangements and accoutrements, then return afterward and remove everything you may not want to keep.  We do have a minimum for this tier which does not include the set-up and break-down fees. This is certainly our most popular tier and what we think makes your big day run the smoothest.  Please email or call us to find out more details or have us answer any questions.


Tier 2 - A little full service florist, a little DIY

This service is a great option for couples who are on a bit of a budget but still want a designer by their side for the more complicated aspects of  flower design. You will get the same level of planning as in Tier One, and we will do as much or as little of the actual preparation as you desire, allowing you to supplement with your own creations with flowers acquired from us or from other sources. With this option we can offer simple delivery to your venue (or you can pick-up) and let you and your family/friends do the set up and break down.  The minimum order for this tier is $500.

*NOTE: we can only work with and construct from flowers we have sourced and provided ourselves. As we can not be responsible for any outsourced product we do require that you/ your party fully manage the assembly of your own creations.


Tier 3 - Personal Flowers
This is your option if  you only need a professional to prepare your bouquets and boutonnieres, and maybe a few small table arrangements.  We still meet to flesh-out your vision and we will communicate as much as needed to pull it all together.  Normally you will pick up your flowers at our shop, but in some cases delivery can be arranged.  There is no minimum for this tier.


Of course, there is always a fourth option if you are the creative type - you can buy your flowers from us and do all of the preparation yourself.  We grow many of our own flowers at our farm so we can offer organic, sustainably-grown flowers of many varieties, depending upon the season.  We will still be there for you to offer ideas and suggestions.