You can order flowers for delivery either by

  • Calling the store at 470-698-2145 and talking with our designers about your exact needs and vision. We will create whatever you desire at whatever price point you have in mind.

  • Completing our on-line order form at the bottom of this page.  



Delivery to most areas of Atlanta, inside the perimeter, is $15.  If yours turns out to be more due to distance or other factors, we will call you for approval before sending it out. If you live in Cabbagetown, Ormewood Park, Grant Park, Glenwood Park, or anywhere close to our store, please call us for a reduced delivery fee. 

NEED IT TODAY?  Weekdays: same day delivery requests must be placed no later than 12 Noon.  (Okay, sometimes we can cheat on that - give us a call.)

Phone-in Orders may be customized at any price or design - just tell us what you want, or let us make suggestions.

With On-line orders you may choose from the following items:

(Pictures are examples only - each order is a unique creation)

Our Favorite Things             Arrangement

Not Available At This Time.

It's a trendy, muted arrangement with pampas grass, amnesia roses, bleached ruscus, lisianthus and mauve plumosa fern draping from the container. It's in a vase, in a box, surrounded by that lush new wrapping paper that high end florists in New York use. Yes, the ATL loves your work NYC.  $90

Heading 1

Our Signature French Box 


We are currently sold out of French postcards and unable to restock. If you don't mind that, please order the French box; otherwise, choose another option. So sorry!

It's called a French box because it has a vintage French postcard on the front of the box; it's a lady in petal pushers with hydrangeas. Also, we used that lovely, gardeny style of French florists. We are French Market Flowers after all. The flowers are in a vase in a kraft box to adhere to the style we're going for here.

  Farm Babe Bouquets come wrapped in burlap from cacoa pods from our local chocolatier, Xocoatl. They are actually in a vase covered in burlap to look like a bouquet. This way, your arrangement will stay fresh from   our store to your recipient, and it can stay wrapped and looked cute for the life of your flowers.


Or let us make a vase arrangement for you.  If you prefer certain colors or flowers,  let us know all the details in our special instructions section. We try to make each person's request special for their specific occasion.  

                                   Small Vase Arrangement

                                              Perfect for a first date or to show you care! $60

Medium Vase Arrangement

An array of whimsical flowers designed to wow!  Add a vase to make it a nice arrangement they can keep for a while. $80

Large Vase Arrangement

 Whooo! This is going to be impressive. Large and filled with top notch blooms.  This is going to be special with protea, dahlias, garden roses, or peonies (of course, only the blooms in season will be in your bouquet).  $120


                                                               Stupendous Arrangement

For the truly special occasion or special person.  You'll knock their socks off! You can leave it up to us, or you may want to call this one in and talk to one of our designers, rather than ordering here.  This one comes in a vase, which is included in the price.  Of course, you can go even more extravagant if you call us. $170

Florist Choice Seasonal Bouquet

One of our expert designers creates a bouquet made from seasonal ingredients. We are currently featuring our homegrown anemones and daffodils. Seasonal tulips, lilac and viburnum come along! This bouquet is is lush and full of blooms.  $60

Hat Box Arrangement

Florists choice in flowers to fit in a lovely black, velvet hat box. Tied with a ribbon to match the flowers. $120

Need a Plant?

Succulents in that gorgeous ceramic planter. It's gorgeous.  $75

Gifts and Add Ons

Market Bag filled with Goodies

Imagine coming home and seeing a market bag attached to your door. In this bag, though, there is no raw chicken from the grocery store that she has to cook. It's a wrapped bouquet  and an assortment of skin care products from Moon Dance Soaps. Moon Dance hand makes their soap from natural vegetable oils, spices, herbs, goats milk, and honey. She will get a lotion bar, massage oil, lavender goat milk soap, and a lavender bath bomb. I'm jealous just thinking about it.  $85

Add ons....Add a little more love to your gift  with Moon Dance Products. $25